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Como – city of arts with many different ruler

Como, capital of the eponymous province in Lombardy, is situated at the southwest shore of Lake Como. This tourist town in close proximity to the Swiss border and only 45 km from Milan is genuinely stunning. It goes without saying … Continue reading

Genoa – from naval power to magical city of arts

Genoa used to be a naval trade power and the “gateway to the vast world”, an imposing republic and a colonial power. Christopher Columbus and Niccolò Paganini were born here, the city’s university is around 550 years old looking back … Continue reading

A tour of the city of arts Turin in Piedmont

Cars, football, industry – that’s pretty much Turin in a nutshell… or is it? Footie fanatics are drawn to the eternal rivals Juventus and Torino FC, the world-renowned car manufacturer was founded here in 1899, and many other companies, such … Continue reading

Aosta – a look at the alpine city of arts

Aosta Valley is located in the outermost northwest of Italy, bordering on France and Switzerland. The small region is known for its natural beauty and tourism, the numerous regional and national parks, and the prestigious, mostly cross-border ski regions. In … Continue reading

The Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene

Italy exports vast quantities of Prosecco every year – around 90 million bottles, to be precise. Originally referring to a grape variety until the tail end of 2009, Prosecco now denotes a specific place of origin. The growing areas of … Continue reading

Ivrea, industrial city of the 20th century

If you were to look at Ivrea in Piedmont, situated at the northern edge of the Po Valley between Turin and the Aosta Valley, from above, you would notice how the river Dora Baltea pretty much splits it in two. … Continue reading

The art of making Neapolitan pizza

By now you are more than familiar with the wide variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, know many different natural and cultural landmarks and areas. Actually, there is a third list we have not been talking a lot … Continue reading

UNESCO World Heritage Site Val d’Orcia

A new era began in the Val d’Orcia region when the city state Siena defeated the feudal house of Aldobrandeschi. Siena didn’t only expand its capital – rapidly and vastly – it also placed great emphasis on the representative nature … Continue reading

Late baroque towns of the Val di Noto

A destructive earthquake struck the Val di Noto in south-eastern Sicily on the evening of 11 January 1693. The result was truly devastating – around 60,000 casualties, 70 destroyed towns and villages across an area of 5,600 km² and powerful … Continue reading

Places of power of the Lombards in Italy

Calling the fall of the Western Roman Empire a time of great changes and upheavals might just be the teensiest bit of an understatement. Numerous peoples tried their luck over subsequent decades and centuries, the ancient Migration Period was in … Continue reading