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Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan with Leonardo’s The Last Supper

Milan, Italy’s second-largest city and regional capital of Lombardy. 1.3 million people live here, surrounded by palpable history, fashion hotspots and two of the most famous football clubs in the world. AC or Inter – for many Milanese, it’s a … Continue reading

Festa di Santa Lucia in Syracuse on December 13th

Back in the day, the people longed for light on the shortest day of the year. They prayed to Saint Lucy, Lucia of Syracuse (Lucia roughly translates to “the lucent one”), dedicated processions and festivities to her. Nowadays, Lucia festivals … Continue reading

Try out this delicious Pandoro recipe!

Panettone aside, the Italians enjoy another delicious cake that simply must be part of all Christmas festivities. The Pandoro originally comes from Verona and was supposedly first baked in the 18th century. While historians assume that it is based on … Continue reading

Recipe for the perfect Panettone

By now, you’ve become a real Italian kitchen expert, have heard a lot about the many different regional delicacies for the various festivities. Are you already familiar with the great Christmas desserts? When it comes to tempting holiday treats, you … Continue reading