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La Festa del Redentore in Venice

The world was struck by numerous plague epidemics from the Bronze Age to the late 19th century costing the lives of millions of people. Venice wasn’t spared either. The longest plague epidemic hitting the trading town lasted from 1575 to … Continue reading

La Notte Rosa – the pink night

Emilia Romagna’s entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, parts of Marche and even some other larger Italian cities have been showing off their pink side since 2006. La Notte Rosa, originally intended to promote tourism while serving as an alternative … Continue reading

Festa della Repubblica Italiana on June 2

When Italy’s streets and alleys glow in the national colour Savoy blue, when the five-pointed Stella d’Italia decorates large squares, and when the aerobatic demonstration squad Frecce Tricolori performs its artistic show in the skies over Rome’s Imperial Fora, it … Continue reading

Italy´s Liberation Day on April 25

Festa della Repubblica (Eng. “Feast of the Republic”) on June 2 is celebrated as the National Day in Italy to commemorate the referendum of 1946. However, there’s also an unofficial second National Day of similar significance that is celebrated up … Continue reading

The best Christmas dishes and drinks in Italy

Being the home of pizza, pasta and fine wines, Italy is widely – and for good reason – regarded as a culinary hotspot with export hits going around the world. But what about the Christmas cuisine? Europe’s boot welcomes its … Continue reading

The Neapolitan nativity set

According to legend, Saint Francis of Assisi asked a man called Giovanni Vellita to build the first nativity set in the 13th century. This holy scene served as backdrop for his Christmas mass. Nativity sets had already spread all over … Continue reading

The top 10 most beautiful Christmas markets in Italy

Contemplativeness and anticipation of the festivities take centre stage in Advent for both children and adults. Christmas carols, cookies and mulled wine or punch create a unique atmosphere regardless of weather. There’s a great tradition of Christmas markets in Italy, … Continue reading

Growing old – the Italian way

Emma Morano lives in Pallanza, a city on the west bank of Lake Maggiore in a city with 30,000 inhabitants. She moved there as a child when the family doctor recommended living in a more favourable climate to her parents. … Continue reading