La Notte Rosa – the pink night

La Notte Rosa in Emilia Romagna

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Emilia Romagna’s entire coast of the Adriatic Sea, parts of Marche and even some other larger Italian cities have been showing off their pink side since 2006. La Notte Rosa, originally intended to promote tourism while serving as an alternative to the ever-present “white nights”, is now one of the most popular family and party events in all of Italy. Several million guests celebrate every year between Rimini, Riccione and Comacchio, these days even in metropolitan areas from north to south. But why is everything pink? And what does La Notte Rosa really have in store for you?

Tourism promotion for the Adriatic coast

The Italian Adriatic coast attracts guests from all over the world in summer. They enjoy the wide, virtually endless beaches, the multifaceted sports and leisure options, a bit of culture, and lots of amazing food. Emilia Romagna in particular is widely, internationally even, regarded as the home of classic Italian cuisine. It comes as no surprise that tourism is a pretty important industrial sector in this region. The first weekend in July used to yield comparatively little bookings even causing slight financial losses for the industry.

Andrea Gnassi had a brilliant idea in 2006. Then head of Rimini’s tourism department, now the city’s mayor, he wanted to improve regional hotel booking while also installing an alternative to the well-established “white nights” celebrated around the world. Mostly Italian guests visit the villages and venues of the Adriatic coast enjoying the hectic hustle (“casino”, as the locals call it). In recent years, La Notte Rosa has become increasingly popular with international guests. Gnassi’s bold plans worked: The Romagna’s Adriatic coast is now flooded with booking enquiries on the first weekend in July.

Four provinces, twelve locations

La Notte Rosa stretches across the entire Adriatic coast of the Emilia Romagna, even slightly extending to the bordering regions of Marche. Four provinces – Rimini, Forli-Cesena, Ravenna and Ferrara – are home to the following twelve main locations (from north to south):

  • Riviera di Comacchio
  • Le Spiagge di Ravenna
  • Cervia – Milano Marittima
  • Cesenatico
  • Gatteo a Mare
  • Savignano Mare
  • San Mauro Mare
  • Bellaria Igea Marina
  • Rimini
  • Riccione
  • Misano Adriatico
  • Cattolica

These days, you’ll even come across La Notte Rosa far away from the Adriatic coast. Bologna, Florence and Rome also participate and host various indoor and outdoor parties naturally featuring one certain special colour.

TogethER on July 7th

La Notte Rosa isn’t just one single event, but a series of countless events from north to south. The pink night relies on teamwork and puts the entire region under its spell. Roads and beaches, shop windows and decorations, clubs and street furniture display one special colour. The twelfth annual La Notta Rosa on 7 July 2017 is all about “TogethER” – a combination of the English work “together” and the initials ER for Emilia Romagna – and focuses on what makes the Adriatic coast special.

What La Notte Rosa has in store for you

Look forward to boundless hospitality and joyful party mood that unites generations. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents is on their feet. Food stalls and market booths provide the perfect culinary backdrop. Have you ever sampled a Piadina? No!? Better get started now, because the snack is quintessentially Emilia Romagna.

Listen to concerts along the coastal strips, dance through the clubs and discover a different side of the pink-coloured beaches. Participate in one of the many sports events and bike your heart out along the seaside. The nature and amusement parks are also part of La Notte Rosa and even stop by the town centres. Everyone comes together for the huge fireworks display at midnight and starts making plans for next year’s event.

Don’t miss out on La Notte Rosa and experience one of the most colourful nights of the year for all ages in Rimini, Riccione, Comacchio etc. Find many additional travel suggestions for your perfect holiday on ZAINOO. Start making plans for next year’s pink night!

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