Italy´s best travel destinations 2017

Slowly but surely, the next holiday season draws nearer. Millions of tourists from around the world will swarm Italy in 2017 to experience fascinating cities, endless beaches and culinary delights. Divinely inviting, diverse and multifaceted travel destinations from north to south are waiting for visitors from near and far. Every village, every area, every metropolis represents one of many different, inspiring, and breathtakingly beautiful aspects of Italy. You cannot wait to visit the country and its people, to relive history, kick back on the beach and taste delicious pasta? Italy’s best travel destinations 2017 are already waiting for you – and we’ve compiled the best suggestions for you!


Tuscany has an abundance of beautiful cities and equally gorgeous sceneries. You’ve probably been to Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca before. This year, we recommend visiting Pistoia. “Little Florence”, as the town is also known due to its many magnificent buildings and art treasures, is Italy’s 2017 capital of culture. Located near Lucca and Florence, you get to look forward to a slightly different kind of city trip. Pistoia is everything but a touristic hotspot. Instead you get to experience characteristic Tuscan charm and lively, energetic hustle and bustle.

Passing the 3-km-long town walls, which were completely restored specifically and just in time for the 2017 festivities, your first stop is the town square, site of the annual wild horse race Giostra dell’Orso in July. The octagonal baptistery in classic 14th century Gothic style truly is glorious, both inside and outside. Numerous cultural events, festivals and exhibitions are part of the cultural capital programme. There’s no doubt that you have to include Pistoia on your 2017 itinerary!


Sorrento, Campania


Browsing the big travel platforms shows that most holidays in Italy will again be spent in metropolitan areas or massive beach resorts. Still, one small town sticks out: Sorrento, situated in the metropolitan city of Naples, has been a wildly romanticised travel destination of mostly European guests for many centuries. While that won’t change in 2017, the unbroken fascination for this small piece of land on the Sorrentine Peninsula continues to surprise. After all, it seems as if time stood still here. The gentle pastel colours of the houses, the old fisher boats, the wide beaches – you probably remember this characteristic Italian atmosphere from childhood movies.

Little has changed since. Small cafés and restaurants line your walks on the beach inviting you to take a seat and sample local delicacies. At the same time, there’s a mystical air to Sorrento. The town’s name can be traced back to the ancient word for the dangerous sirens – creatures that used to confuse seamen with their songs. According to legend, even Odysseus once passed by Sorrento. Today, you’re enchanted by the glorious clear view across the sea and stop by the nearby coast of Amalfi for a small excursion. That’s La Dolce Vita at its best!


As an alternative to classic destinations, increasingly more travel organisations focus on Calabria in 2017. The tip of the Italian boot has become very fashionable – not only because it’s mostly Italians spending their holidays here allowing you to get a taste of the characteristic Italian lifestyle. We highly recommend going to Tropea. The village itself is situated on a 40-m-high rock on the beach of the Tyrrhenian Sea surrounded by many other such rocks, one of which is home of the picturesque pilgrimage church Santa Maria dell’Isola. Despite having become a popular tourist destination, Tropea managed to retain its original charm. Experience gorgeous beaches, the clear sea and a charming old village centre in the romantic heart of Italy.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy

© Andrei

Lake Garda is currently seeing a massive surge in popularity as an alternative to the usual beach holiday. Its sheer variety makes the approx. 52-km-long lake at the foothills of the Alps so very attractive. The shore regions from north to south feature various cultures, sights and holiday offerings. And then there’s the lake itself. You absolutely must take a dip in the cold water in summer or let the cool breeze carry you during a lake cruise or while sailing. The north bank is mostly home to surfers, climbers and mountain bikers who all love and enjoy the multifaceted topography. All sorts of theme parks can be found near the south bank. Canevaworld combines movie fun with water action for the entire family – an absolute treat on hot days. Fun fairy-tale worlds and shows for the little ones meet gripping rollercoaster rides and exciting, action-packed attractions for older children and teenagers in Gardaland. Rediscover the classic travel destination Lake Garda in 2017!

Solda at the Ortles

Sure, Italy probably isn’t the first country that comes to mind when thinking about skiing holidays, but you shouldn’t miss out on the north of the country with some of Europe’s best and most popular winter sport regions. Less than 400 people live in Solda, yet the small village in the heart of Stelvio National Park is more than just an insider’s tip. Surrounded by fourteen 3,000-metre peaks, four ski lifts within the village transport you to the small but nice ski region with 44 km of slopes. The ideal altitude allows you to fully relish in the downhill pistes from November to May and to explore the magical winter wonderland during horse-drawn carriage rides and winter hikes. The cute small museums in the village are mostly focused on snow, ice and alpinism. Reinhold Messner himself established the underground Messner Mountain Museum Ortles, which opened in 2004.


Colosseum in Rome, Lazio

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Seriously though, did you really expect us to forget about the Eternal City? Rome continues to amaze. Writers and poets have been raving about Italy’s capital with its exciting fusion of old, mostly ancient history and modern stylings for centuries. There’s certainly something in it for you, too, between sightseeing tours, shopping dreams come true, fine culinary art, and trips to the amazing hinterland. If you don’t have anything planned for Easter, you’ve got to experience the massive festivities on St. Peter’s Square. Get a taste of the religious and spiritual side of the city from the big mass on Palm Sunday to the procession on Good Friday to the papal blessing “Urbi et Orbi” with exclusive insights into the inner workings of Vatican City. Estate Romana (“Roman Summer”) takes over from June to September with open-air concerts, virtuosic jazz performances, fashion shows and lavish celebrations. There’s a lot to experience on every weekend – best book today!

Don’t forget that Italy has even more – way more – to offer! Amazing cultural hotspots, incredibly long and beautiful beaches, glorious islands, picturesque lake areas, and humongous winter sport regions will certainly put you under their spell. Find many additional travel suggestions for Italy that will make your holiday year 2017 an unforgettable one. Better book now before it’s too late!

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